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IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

The term IT infrastructure is defined in a standard called Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc. (including all of the information technology), in order to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT services.

A diversified global services company and consolidate its IT assets, reduce cost of operations and increase availability of IT infrastructure. We helped the client transform its service desk operations and achieve steady-state service levels by the end of the transition. We delivered cost benefits, improved service levels and operational efficiencies through a variety of engineering efforts as well as through the synergies of our Applications-Infrastructure consolidated utility model.

Infrastructure Services
`- Scalable solutions
- Network analysis and infrastructure planning & designing
- Server, network and desktop deployments
- Virtualization (server/desktop)
- Data migration
- IT project management
- Security solutions
- Disaster recovery planning
Features Integration with Mail Server
- SPAM Filtration
- Virus Scanning
- Mail Archiving- Backup of all Incoming and Outgoing mails.
- Mail Log Analysis – Monitor general mail activities of each and every individual domain on your server.
- Restriction on Mail Attachments
- Security with Firewall integration

Proxy Server
- Web Sites Filtering: Block the web sites as per your requirement.
- Authentication Based Proxy: If any one wants to use Internet from your LAN than he/she has to provide User    Name and Password.
- Bandwidth Management
- Monitoring of Proxy Users: You can see “Where” your users are going to on the internet.
- Firewall Integration for Security.

FTP Server
- Downloading and Uploading with Allowed users.
- Only file Download for some users.
- Chroot Environment for FTP users.
- Access your ftp server from Web (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc).

File Server
- Authenticated File server.
- Separate HOME Directories for selected users.
- Only Read permissions for selected users.
- File Sharing between Linux Server with Any client machines (Linux, Unix Window etc).

Chat Server
- Your Official chat server (no need gtalk, yahoo, msn, skype etc.)
- File transfer

Virtualization Server
- Host multiple operating systems on One Server

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