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We provide services to medical organizations and laboratories seeking to enhance patient sample storage, automate pharmaceutical impact trials, improve cost-efficiency, and address numerous healthcare lab management challenges. Save time and boost efficiency with the best medical laboratory software company.

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LabApp Reliable and Powerful Laboratory Management System

Efficient laboratory management software can streamline various processes within a diagnostic lab, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. By automating daily workflows, you can enhance the patient experience and achieve quicker turnaround times for testing and report generation. If you need advanced laboratory management software tailored to your specific requirements, look no further. Our expert team at Silwatech can design the perfect solution to meet all your laboratory needs.

LabApp Providing Medical Lab Software Services

Software Consulting

If you need guidance on finding the ideal medical lab management software, We'll analyze your lab processes and help you choose the best software for your needs, such as LabForward. Additionally, we'll help you identify the necessary features and, if required, develop a vision for a custom laboratory management system.

System Customization

If your existing medical lab management software needs enhancement, we can help you customize it. For instance, we can add security tracking functionality to your laboratory management system (LIMS) or integrate it with logistics platforms like Ramco. With experience in redesigning healthcare lab infrastructure for Austpath, we understand the challenges involved and know how to address them effectively.

Custom Software Development

We are ready to develop clinical lab software from scratch for you. Whether you need a medical lab ERP system, LIMS, an electronic lab notebook (ELN), finance and claim management software, a workflow scheduling platform, or Internet of Lab Things solutions, our experienced specialists will guide you through the entire software development lifecycle.

Medical Lab Software Interoperability

We help you achieve excellent connectivity and interoperability across all your software solutions, ensuring a well-tuned system that supports fast data exchange. Based on your needs, our specialists can assist with converting and unifying data formats, migrating and consolidating databases, or implementing FHIR and other interoperability standards.

Regulation Compliance Assistance

We understand the paramount importance of regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry. That’s why we offer solutions to help you track your conformity with CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). Our experts will also assist you in achieving and maintaining compliance with other essential healthcare regulations.

Internet of Lab Things Integration

We will help transform your medical laboratory into a cutting-edge environment where all devices are interconnected and securely exchange patient data in real-time. From biometric sensor systems and smart microscopes to seamless connectivity with patient mobile apps, we can implement a wide range of IoT solutions for you.

LabApp 4 Values

When you work with our software development company, you receive several guarantees to ensure the successful outcome of your project. Our four essential promises are:


Our clients collaborate with us in the same project management system as our team members.

High Performance

We consistently demonstrate our capability and strive to exceed expectations by delivering the required results in the shortest possible timeframes.


If you seek to entrust all tasks to the software development team and receive the final result ahead of schedule, we are the ideal partner for you.


Being agile, we're prepared to adapt to your evolving requirements as they may change on the fly.

Easing Up the Routine Hurdles for Medical Laboratory Management

With our medical laboratory management software services, you can focus on your core business goals while we take care of the technology side. Here are the main advantages you'll receive.

  • Regulation Compliance
  • Medical Interoperability
  • Automation of Medical Lab Processes
  • Financial Projections and Reporting
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Quality Assurance in Testing

Why Us


Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Works Both Online/Offline


Hardware Independent

Runs on Browser and support all Devices


No Data Loss

Store Data on secure Robust Cloud


Quick Support Team

Our Technical team gives you Online and Offline Support

Key Capabilities

Fast Billing

We assist you in generating faster and more accurate bills, complete with printed invoices.

Create Transparency

Our invoicing system provides a clear and easy-to-understand audit trail, detailing every action from creation to payment collection.

Simply Reporting

Utilizing our solution, custom dashboards can seamlessly translate into tailored reports, helping you identify the most profitable pathways.

Save Your Time

We can save you time and money while providing valuable and appropriate business solutions.

Key Modules & Features For Lab Instrument

The demand for lab instruments and their users is non-negotiable, as their absence could lead to critical shortages of vaccines and other vital products. Recognizing this urgency, our company has developed an application to assist lab manufacturers in maintaining the highest standards in their production without compromise.

  • Production Management
  • Materials Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Purchase & Sales Management
  • Packaging and Transportation Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Track every raw materials batch through to finished goods
  • Mill wise Planning and status of WIP
  • Test Certificate Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Finance Management
  • Machine & Plant Maintenance
  • Depot wise Ageing Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Reports & Analytic Dashboards
  • Stock Transaction Analysis.
  • Sales Reports
  • Dispatch Reports
  • Process/Production reports
  • Brand Analysis Report
  • Comparative Sales & Profitability Reports

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