ePOS OnDemand


  • Supports Touch Screen Entry of Items.
  • Supports Bar Code Scanning Of Items.
  • Supports Keyboard/Mouse Entry of Items.
  • Supports On Account sales.
  • Supports "Extremely Rapid" Cash Out Of sales.
  • Allows Data File Information to be Accessed by Browsing, Reporting, and Filtering.
  • Allows the Export of Sale and Deposit Data to excel etc.
  • Allows Data Exporting of All Data.
  • Supports Bar Code Printing Of SKUs.
  • Prints Daily Sales Report.
  • Prints Monthly Sales Report.
  • Prints yearly Sales Report.
  • Prints Summary Sales Reports.
  • Prints Daily Sales Reports By Cashier.
  • Prints Sales Pre-Posting Report.
  • Prints Sales Posting Report.
  • Prints Sales Margin Reports.
  • Prints Remove Items Report.
  • Prints Discounted Items Report.
  • Prints Profit Ranking Report For Sales Items.
  • Supports Discounts For Any Order or any Item on an Order(Password can be required).
  • Supports Gift Certificates.
  • Supports Coupons.
  • Supports Salesperson Commission %

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