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Optimize your library's organization with us cutting-edge library management system. Seamlessly manage, track, and uphold your extensive book collection with precision. Utilize advanced RFID technology and cloud-based platforms for enhanced efficiency in every aspect of library administration.

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Modules Of Library Management
System Software

Acquisition & Cataloguing

The acquisition and cataloging module within the library management system empowers librarians to curate and procure books, journals, and additional resources seamlessly. By creating a comprehensive database, it simplifies the process of locating books.

Serial Control

Librarians can efficiently manage subscriptions, book renewals, cancellations, and generate precise MIS reports. This feature streamlines administrative processes and ensures accurate tracking of library resources.


The circulation module empowers librarians to establish and oversee borrower categories, while also monitoring book issue dates, return dates, dues, and fines. This functionality ensures a seamless flow of book circulation within the library.

MIS Reports

Information Systems (MIS) reports enable librarians to effortlessly access vital data and information pertaining to all library transactions with just a few clicks. These accurate MIS reports facilitate informed.


The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) serves as a digital catalog, allowing users to search for books, journals, and other materials by inputting keywords such as book title, author's name, or other relevant details.


Online Public Access Catalogue, is a smartphone application facilitating book searches directly from users' mobile devices. By entering keywords like author's name or title, users can swiftly locate desired.
About Company
  • The college ERP offers comprehensive solutions to streamline operations within your campus library. Given the extensive collection of books and articles in many higher education institutions, spanning both hardcopy and digital formats, efficient management of physical and digital resources is paramount. The integrated library management module within the university ERP aims to oversee the following library functions:
  • Procurement, accessibility, and payment for library resources
  • The implementation of RFID technology for issuing unique identification cards to faculty and students
  • The coding of books and digital materials simplifies the check-in and check-out process within the library's management system. This method records purchase details and tracks item circulation using serial numbers.


In school libraries, managing staffing budgets is a significant challenge for librarians. These libraries are expected to enhance customer service and expand their offerings without increasing their staff.
Many libraries are now adopting RFID technology due to its benefits, including high accuracy and speed in book circulation and shelving.
Adopting RFID can free up your library staff, allowing them to dedicate more time to providing better customer service. Additionally, RFID helps protect the library's book collection from cyber threats, ensuring the community can fully benefit from it.
What we offer

Benefits Of Library Automation System

User-Friendly System

  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Online And Offline Storage Of Data
  • Automatically Updates And Backups Data.
  • Flexible And Can Be Fully Configurable

Cost Effective

  • Eliminate The Need For Extensive Paperwork
  • Maintenance Overheads And Operation Costs Are Reduced
  • Eliminates The Need For Manual Entries
  • Makes The Database Error-Free And Accurate

Library Management System Benefits

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