QuickMailer OnDemand Software provides perfect solution required to create and send email newsletters. Permission-based marketers find it perfect way for managing and growing their email campaigns and use it for sales promotions, client newsletters, opt-in email newsletters and bulk mailing. Marketers dynamically create email newsletter campaigns and take advantage of all target email marketing opportunities.

QuickMailer OnDemand’s Overview:

If you are looking for software to send bulk mails to your customers or prospects, our QuickMailer OnDemand Software can help you. It is developed to send high volume of personalized bulk mails to large number of subscribers, It may be your email marketing flyers, email newsletters, email announcements etc.
Our QuickMailer OnDemand has all the features for a successful Bulk Mailing Software and is capable to send more than 100000 bulk mails per day, automatic bulk mail subscription and un-subscription option, read or open report of your mass mailing. It also has the provision to import bulk mailing data from excel, Access, CSV & text file and other databases.
General Features Capable to send more than100000 bulk mails per day. Automatic Bulk Mail / Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe option. Delete bounced mails from your bulk mailing database / list. User will get detailed mail read or open report for each bulk mailing process. User can send automated personalized bulk mails to his subscribers with the mail merge option. User will get detailed click tracking report for each mass mailing campaign. User can send HTML or Newsletters. User can use own SMTP server based Bulk or can hire our dedicated SMTP server. User can import bulk mailing data (mail IDs and Other details) from Excel, Access, Text/CSV files and other databases.
Salient Features Absolute control on bulk email marketing
processes through 100% automation.
24X7 availability Personalized Services for employee, admin,
super administrator and owner of companies
Very easy to install and use Don’t have need to sit in front at your PC to send bulk email Supporting authentication SMTP servers or without SMTP Servers Importing recipient details from text file Access, Excel and CSV Database Neither monthly fees like email services nor per email Proven technology/equipment for bulk email marketing Multi-thread and high speed