Cooperative banks have to constantly upgrade their software applications to meet the demands of their clients for better and more sophisticated commercial, transactional and electronic banking products. Market pressures also dictate that these products must be delivered in the shortest possible time, or it will be hard to survive in highly competitive market. Competitive and regulatory pressures and the need to maintain margins are forcing banks to customize software to improve efficiency and transparency.
We combine our extensive industry experience with proven testing methodologies to help you in every stage of the software development process. Our skilled domain and test teams work with you to identify gaps between business requirements and specification documents. We work with you to identify errors in the applications early in the project lifecycle, and thereby prevent invisible costs of software defects in the real environment.
Modules General Master Ledger Master Saving Loan Accounts C panel Utilities
ADVANTAGES TRAPEZA will help you for easy change from manual to computerized one. Lower quality related business risks in implementation. Lower cost of ownership Reduced time-to-market for future application releases Rapid Return on Investment Minimal re-work for subsidiary bank testing Greater flexibility, so that individual modules can be tested independently Lesser demands on business user time
Salient Features Absolute control on Banking processes
through 100% automation.
24X7 availability Personalized Services for Core Banking
Benefits for TRAPEZA
Management Informtion System. Decision Support System. Simple and easy to implement and maintenance free environment.
Benefits for Management
Availability of real time information Easy Command, Control and communication Inventory Control Paper less transactions