AdSys OnDemand is an advertisement application software from HRSS which is a fully integrated Corporate/Organization/Official Administration & Management Software which is designed as a complete suite of features that makes it the best advertisement software. You can have a customized, cheap and user-friendly software for small, medium and large organization.
Modules Login Master Client Master Vender Master Employee Master Item Master Media Master Job Master Tax Master Purchase Orders Item Receipt Details Item Issue Details Challan Details Invoice Details Multiple Reports
What We Provide With AdSys OnDemand 5+ Modules with required report Well experienced engineer support Full Training to Staff wherever required Salient Features:
Absolute control on corporate/organization processes through 100% automation. 24X7 availability Personalized Services for clients, vendors, etc
Benefits for management:
Management Information System. Decision Support System. Common platform for staff and management. Availability of real time information Easy Command, Control and communication
The main principles Security: The security subsystem supports a dividing user into several groups. Each group has its own set of rights for viewing or changing data The highest reliability: Data management system is based on transactions. Transactional system never allows your data to be lost or corrupted because of accidents such as electricity cutting or hardware error Double asking before changing/deleting: User will be asked twice before the program deletes or change any data Availability: The base program configuration is available for our sales & marketing department. Simplicity: The intuitive user interface allows you start to work with the program easily. The program will lead you in any your work.
Control Panel

Access rights at module and function level allow for control and accountability

Create Users: It can be used for creating the no. of users. Delete Users: It can be used among a group of employees at a single time. User’s Right: Administration allows an admin to have full control on delegation of authority to the various employees so that their domain of operation may be restricted to their own department only. No employee is able to access the information that is not pertinent to his/her role in the organization. Change Password: Admin can use their separate password and also change the password of logging software.