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Flap Barriers

Flap BARRIER: Flap barrier is a high-tech product aimed at the disabled people access intelligent management, which is a upgraded product based on intelligent tri-turnstile, swing barrier. This product is well-processed with full functions, high grade, and mainly used in high grade places such as top-grade community, intelligent mansion, hotel, subway, port, club etc. It added some special functions such as soft leather, 8 pairs sensor detection, and scientific body judgement. The product integrating with mechanism, electron, microprocessor and various identification technology is compatible with card reader devices such as IC card, ID card, bar code, fingerprint and so on. By configuring all kinds of identification devices and adopting reliable safeguard devices, alarm devices, direction indicator etc, it is able to achieve access intelligentized control and management.


  1. Self-examine and alarm
  2. Small keyboard
  3. Wing barrier will Blocked Padestrian
  4. It has 9 pairs of sensors
  5. Light and sound alarm
  6. Arms are automatically locked
  7. Arms synchronization (adjustable)
  8. It can be directly controlled
  9. Material:304/316 stainless steel
  10. Net weight: 140Kg/unit

Flap Barriers

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