Objective Filter Docs

  • Solution which must provide functionality to convert mass paper documents into electronic documents & capture them along with electronic documents, fax messages as well as Email Messages into a Central Document Repository
  • Solution which must provide functionality to process form & support various recognition techniques to avoid data entry for citizen facing Agencies
  • Comprehensive multi-user Solution which must help Agencies to capture, store, organize, secure, index and search any documents that an organization deals with
  • Solution which must provide Workflow automation through a powerful document based workflow functionality
  • Solution which must help in compliance with statutory obligations and regulations which are of utmost importance to Agencies so far document management is concerned

Filter Docs (Way to Achieve Objective)

Filter Docs is a business solution which provides an enterprise repository for the document creation, storage, retrieval & archival along with the management of critical business documents. A complete document life cycle can be segregated into three parts:

Document Acquisition

  • Scan & Upload images of paper document into DMS in electronic form after image processing
  • Import already existing electronic document into the DMS
  • Import Fax messages directly into the DMS
  • Import Email Messages directly into the DMS

Document Classification

  • Index electronic documents
  • Simple indexing in the form unique document identifiers
  • Classification through the documents Metadata
  • Classification through word indexes extracted from the documents contents

Filter Docs Essential

  • Location: Where will documents be stored? Where will people need to go to access documents? Physical journeys to filing cabinets and file rooms are analogous to the onscreen navigation required to use a document management system.
  • Filing: How will documents be filed? What methods will be used to organize or index the documents to assist in later retrieval? Document management systems will typically use a database to store filing information.
  • Retrieval: How will documents be found? Typically, retrieval encompasses both browsing through documents and searching for specific information.
  • Security: How will documents be kept secure? How will unauthorized personnel be prevented from reading, modifying or destroying documents?
  • Disaster Recovery: How can documents be recovered in case of destruction from fires, floods or natural disasters?

Filter Docs – Scanning

  • Filter Docs Scanning software allows authentic users to upload scanned documents or files either in Filter Docs Web Interface or to store on local machines.
  • It provides efficient scanning and quality control features to convert paper documents into electronic format.
  • A superior technology providing high volume scanning, high volume data capture, key entry, OCR, image scanning, drawing scanning and PDF conversion to capture any form of information to digitized form.
  • The basic scanning module is a desktop application.

Document Flow

  • The documents can be passed on to multiple users within the organization for viewing, modifications, comments and approvals.
  • Filter Docs DMS
  • provides an integrated document flow to route the documents in a corporate decision making process.
  • Create Sequential / Flexible routes for electronic document / file movement

Quality Control & Production

  • Specification Documentation & Understanding
  • Selection of Team for the Project
  • Training of the Project Team
  • Development of Productivity Tools
  • Defining Production Process ( Highlight)
  • Project Management tool for Project Assignment & Project Monitoring
  • Query Management tool ( Internet Based )

Filter Docs Benefits

  • A combination of rich functionality and elaborate security can be provided to government agency.
  • It also helps in compliance with statutory obligations and regulations which are of utmost importance to Government agencies.
  • Document Management System helps in all steps of the correspondence and file management. The documents captured, can be organized into logical folder structures and indexed with appropriate attributes (like date of correspondence, sender, addressee, subject etc).
  • Converts of paper based documents to electronic format
  • Facility for inserting text, graphic and image annotations on document pages
  • Easy search and retrieval with scientific indexing
  • Provides collaborative environment to share documents
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