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Safety Helmets

HR Automation Introduces Specially Design Industrial Safety Helmet With Ventilation. A new dimension in protective helmets This comfortable safety helmet has a sporty design and adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. An innovative 3D interior ensures it can be precisely fitted to the circumfer- ence of the head and that the wearing height of the helmet can be individually adjusted. The height of the helmet can be adjusted both at the front and back enabling the optimum position of the IAS system at the back of the head. The HR Automation safety spectacles can be fitted using a special attachment, ensuring maximum safety and the highest wearer comfort.


  1. Penetration Test
  2. Water Absorption
  3. Shock Absorption
  4. Rain gutter
  5. Electrical Resistance
  6. Flammability Resistance
  7. Heat Resistance Nap Type
  8. 4 points tectonic harness
  9. Can be used with earmuff
  10. Flexible comfort chin strap
  11. HDPE Universal slots for ear protectors
  12. Hat weight: 13.50 oz
  13. Various Colors
  14. Goggle retaining slots on suspension

Safety Helmet

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