Software Testing

What is Software Quality Testing?

Software Testing can be defined as: Testing is an activity that helps in finding out bugs / defects / errors in a software system under development, in order to provide a bug free and reliable system/solution to the customer.

What Software Quality Testing does?

In case of Software Project Development if you fail to deliver a reliable, good and problem free software solution, you fail in your project and probably you may loose your client. This can get even worse! So in order to make it sure, that you provide your client a proper software solution, you go for TESTING. You check out if there is any problem, any error in the system, which can make software unusable by the client. You make software testers test the system and help in finding out the bugs in the system to fix them on time. You find out the problems and fix them and again try to find out all the potential problems. Why there is need of testing? When developers develop the software they keep on doing testing simultaneously still we need a separate testing team because you must know the fact that, if you make something, you hardly feel that there can be something wrong with what you have developed. It's a common trait of human nature, we feel that there is no problem in our designed system as we have developed it and it is perfectly functional and fully working. So the hidden bugs or errors or problems of the system remain hidden and they raise their head when the system goes into production. On the other hand, its a fact that, when one person starts checking something which is made by some other person, there are 99% chances that checker / observer will find some problem with the system (even if the problem is with some spelling that by mistake has been written in wrong way).
Even though its wrong in terms of human behavior, this thing has been used for the benefit of software projects (or you may say, any type of project). When you develop something, you give it to get checked (TEST) and to find out any problem, which never aroused while development of the system. Because, after all, if you could minimize the problems with the system you developed, it’s beneficial for yourself. Your client will be happy if your system works without any problem and will generate more revenues for you.


  • Briefing about SDLC
  • Briefing abut STLC
  • Business scenarios related to testing.
  • Interview Questions and answers.
  • Detailed Manual testing concepts.

SE Concepts

  • V – Model for testing
  • Configuration Management Basics
  • Build and Release Process (Patch and hot fix testing strategy)
  • Bug tracking tool basics.

Performance Testing (Motivation: Candidate should have the complete knowledge of the flow of http request and how to track the performance of the application)

  • Web based architecture.
  • Fundamentals of Performance Testing.
  • Performance testing in depth.
  • Database performance testing: SQL Profiler
  • Web based performance testing: Rational Virtual User Scripts

What tester does in the organization? (Motivation: Candidate should have the complete knowledge to write the test case for any application in the world)

  • Briefing about Test Plan
  • Creation of Test Plan
  • Strategy for covering maximum test cases in minimum time.
  • Writing the test cases for a live application.
  • Live interviews with technical and HR professionals.

Functional Testing Automation (Motivation: Candidate should have the complete knowledge to make the test suites and handle the automation project individually)

  • Architecture for automation: Complete knowledge about the flow of automation.
  • Why do you automate?
  • What do you automate?
  • Data driven testing?
  • Making the automation framework.
  • Starting the project automation from the scratch where we give student the maximum exposure in terms for automation.
  • Live interviews with technical and HR professionals.

Rational Robot (Motivation: Candidate need to have the complete understanding about the automating the project using Rational Robot)

  • Scripts for functional testing automation. We need to understand here the various modes of recording
  • Verification Points: How to implement various verification points to decide the test case to pass or fail.
  • Data driven Testing: Study the algorithm and the scripts to make the test case data driven.
  • Header and Library files : Educate the Candidate for creating the user made header and the library file.
  • Live interviews with technical and HR professionals.

Rational Test Manager (Motivation: Candidate need to know the motivation of combining the scripts and making the test suite)

  • How to make test plans for automation?
  • Best way to create the test suite.
  • Making datapools to make the test cases data driven

Testing Processes and Role of the test engineer in the company. (Motivation: Candidate needs to be perfect in all the processes and role he performs in the company.) Processes and Plans:

  • Build life cycle, project discussion tactics, issue resolving.
  • How to file a good bug?
  • How do you plan your work in the office?
  • What are the challenges that you faced in the last 2-3 year of your experience in the company.
  • Process that you have learned.
  • Prepare the values that you have added in the company since last 2-3 years of experience.
  • HR questions preparation.
  • Live interviews with technical and HR professionals.

Configuration Management. (Motivation: Candidate needs to have a sound knowledge of configuration management and management of various environments)

  • Setting up and maintaining the environments for parallel development and testing. This is to have the ownership of System Integration testing Environment.
  • Installer testing: Testing the installers using installshield Multiplatform 7.02. Maintaining the testing modules and various testing scripts in the repository Learning the development of installers using Installshield Multiplatform 7.02. This will give a candidate the separate space in the market in the field of the development as well as testing.
  • Build and Release process automation: Making the build and release processes automated using shell scripting.
  • Repository management: Managing the repository and the code for projects in the company. Tagging the files and maintaining the repository to support parallel development.

Mercury Tools QTP, Winrunner and Test director. (Motivation: Candidate needs to have a sound knowledge of mercury tools so that if the requirement in themarket saysmercury we are ready)

  • Recording: Various types of recordings supported in the tool.
  • Data Driven Testing: Making the testing scripts data driven.
  • Checkpoints: Hands on experience on checkpoints.
  • Synchronization Points: Hands on experience on checkpoints on live project.
  • Test Director: Planning the tests, executing the tests and filing the bugs.
  • Test Director + Winrunner : Process to integrate test director with winrunner.
  • All the planning, execution of the scripts written in winrunner can be done by using test directors.

Load Runner

  • Familiarity with Load Runner controller
  • Scenario creation
  • Job scheduling
  • Graph Analysis

Testing Strategy-1

  • Web application testing strategy

Testing Strategy-2

  • Security testing strategy

Testing Strategy-3

  • Client Server application testing
  • Risk management
  • Checking software Changes


  • Drivers, Stubbs
  • Basis Path Testing
  • Software Matrix
  • Configuration Management
  • Release Management
  • Test Harness


  • Winrunner Basics
  • TSL familiarization
  • WR recording modes


  • GUI Files/GUI Spy
  • GUI Check Points
  • Synchronization Point


  • Data Base Check points
  • Bitmap check points
  • Text check points


  • Data Driven testing
  • Exception handling
  • Batch testing


  • Basics


  • Check Points


  • Check Points


  • Advance Scripts


  • Basics of Unix
  • Most frequently used UNIX commands


  • CMM level and KPA

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