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AIMS a College/Institute Management System product from HRSS is a fully integrated College/Institute /University/College/Academic Institute Administration & Management Software which is designed as a complete suite of features that the best educational software, you can have College/Institute software is a customize, cheap and user-friendly Software for small, medium and large College/Institutes, colleges and academic institutes.


Front-Desk Management

Management Module of SchoolApp OnDemand maintenance tricks for appointments, scheduling, gate-pass for visitors/suppliers/ parents & dispatches/received, acknowledgments, complaints, and issuance of transfer/character/bona-fide certificates, and generate multiple valuable reports etc.

Registration Management

College/Institute administrators can mange all registrations, one user-friendly, automated software program. From limiting class sizes to automatically creating well parents and students of their statuses, HRSS AIMS software keeps College/Institutes organization efficient with managing information for all students.

Fee Management

The Fee Management Module of AIMS is one of the most automated fee collection module available in the market. Apart from being automated it is, at the same time, flexible, enough to accommodate the varying nature of the fee most of the academic institutions come across.The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee, payment details, deduction and concessions, if any applicable to the selected student & allows paying through any mode of payment as cash/check/draft by student wise/class wise & section wise.

Admission Management

Speedily and efficiently execute the complete Admission process for both new and old students; these students are automatically treated differently based on the provided information, along with a facility to print admission cards. The module manages the complete details about the students and their parents/guardians as their alternate addresses, contact numbers & profession etc.

Staff Management

By the Module of Staff Management, Academic's Administration automatically manages faculty's teaching scheduling as a previous record/ same day & for further scheduling by default class wise/ subject wise/ section wise & period wise and also automatically manages faculty adjustment in the absents of another faculty speedily and efficiently execute with alternate options etc...

Time Table Management

Only on one-time input of the basic information about the provision of subjects to the faculty, faculty to the classes and number of lessons for each subject to each class & each section, the system intelligently generates the most probable combination of the time table and allocation of the time table for the session. With computerized assistance, the time table can be modified by the user to suits more specific of the College/Institute as well as the staff while the computer will keep on prompting about the clashes and suggest possible resolution. The whole painful task of time table preparation will be turned into a playful rise.

Students/ Staff attendance Management

Attendance section performs different roles for Students and Employees. Student's attendance details act as a tool to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences. Employee attendances are used in conjunction with the payroll module to automatically implement the leave policies. Various types of leaves are available that may be marked for employees. Details of available as well as availed leaves are also available for each employee. The system also assists the user and restricts the user form assigning more than the prescribed number of leaves. The module offers a variety of reports to show attendance records.


Through the examination module cover up planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring evolution. It allow you to observe progresses at different levels for various amalgamation of subjects, examinations and year's for single/all students as well as class/section presentation. maintains it'™s whole and completely profiles as how many marks obtained, term wise/ class wise/ subject wise/ student wise; automatically grading facility according to getting score; through marks setup manages, passing marks & maximum marks; marks tabulate cover - obtained marks student wise/ subject wise; auto generated report cards - marks wise/ grade wise/ percentage wise/ rank wise/ subject wise grading/ particular student wise & class wise also. This module features invention of customized reports and helps in making the process more transparent.

Library Management

The Library Management addresses all library needs and measures. It provides for issuance and return of books from students as well as staff, managing reservation for books, use of rule master for book groups, restrictions by class on issuance of book, dues, maximum/minimum issued books, generate and maintain book catalogues. Various reports are available to represent the information. Moreover, the system also supports definition of a Library Fine Policy so that the books returned late are fined according to the policies in control of a higher authority.

Inventory Management

The inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. This module is crammed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders, delivery memo, purchase bill, purchase return, employee issue & return, main store issue & return, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving items. The inventory module also facilitates a number of systematic reports useful for Inventory Control. Over time, users can have annual reports on the consumption and cost factors of the items in inventory. Such a record of the inventory also imparts a sense of accountability on the in charge/ supervisor of the use of all such items.

Hostel Management

This module specially designed to handle Child/Youth Hostels Associations and manage all activities related to a hostel. This module facilitates reservation and allocation of rooms, managing room facilities, maintaining outing and discipline, visitors records, and cafeteria management etc...€ُŸŒ, it also offers a variety of reports. The system uses one single centralized database that serves the activities of the whole associations. Technically, it is a multi-tier or Multi-tasking application running from a centralized server. Users are using thin clients, connected to the server using LAN.

Transport Management

AIMS'™s Transport Management has facilities to report the fuel consumption, Insurance Information Taxes Information and Permit Information Management. This module features bus stop & route provision to student/staff, number of students on each stop/route, number of stops on each route, maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for various occasions. The Transport module is also integrated into the fee structure and accounts so that the transport charges are automatically charged from the students, to the management, the system provides imperative information regarding the expiration of Insurance, renewal of Permits, Details of fuel consumption and fuel economy of the vehicle etc..

Payroll Management

The Payroll Management is designed for handling of remuneration/payment for employees/staff. This module provides generation of pay slips, provident fund statements, professional tax statements, & salary statements. Various calculation parameters; configurable as per the user requirements and the allowances are also different types of reports are available to represent the information generated. The payroll module is capable of calculation the working days, payable amount, deductions etc..€ُŸŒ

Accounts Management

The Accounts Management is a complete accounting package in itself. This module features options for daily requirements, ranging from day books, general ledger, schedule balances, trail balance, income/expense statements and balance sheet accounts and also allows to drill-downs from balance sheets to vouchers and automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads. Apart from this, the user is not restricted with only automatically posting but the generic accounting processes are also available as in most popular accounting packages.


The Report module is a fundamental module of AIMS which generates numerous reports that includes fee details, student registrations, Student admissions, classes, subjects & faculty's reports and many more. All modules and the desired reports can be generates according to the required users.


Set alerts for you to take action an scheduled times like birthday reminders, Parents anniversary, important meeting reminders, event calendars (an event which will be take place on a particular date either in a year or in a month), feedback for student provided by faculty and feedback for employees provided by employer and data base backup & restore.

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