Overseas OnDemand is a product developed by HR Software Solutions Private Limited (HRSS), and a leading Enterprise Systems Integrator with more in product Software Development.
Control Recruitment Channel Leverage Existing Resumes Improve Recruiter Efficiency Search Easily for the Right Candidates Increase Hiring Productivity Get the Bigger Picture Manage Placement Agencies Track Recruitment Expenses Eliminate Duplicate Applications Improve Interview Attendance Manage Communications Effectively Multiuser work over LAN
Control Recruitment Channel Get a clear picture of your recruitment pipeline at all points of time. See details of open positions, vacancies, candidates in process and pending offers at a single glance as soon as you log in. Manage you entire recruitment cycle, from requisitions to screening, selection, offer acceptance and finally joining. Leverage Existing Resumes
Create your own resume bank with thousands & lakh of resumes. Find relevant candidates quickly with Overseas Recruitment OnDemand powerful search engine.
The Main Principles: Multi Location: If the Organization has more than one Branches, software can be Login and Read the Data by every Branch Security: The security subsystem supports a dividing user into several groups. Each group has its own set of rights for viewing or changing data. Don’t lose your data: Even after deleting it's possible to restore your data. Availability: The base programe configuration is available for our sales & marketing department. Simplicity: The intuitive user interface allows you start to work with the programe easily. The programe will lead you in any your work. Comprehensive Reporting Enhanced data security
Control Panel

Access right at module and function level allow for control and accountability.

Create Users: It can be Create & maintain according to profile. Users Group: It can be uses among a group of employees in a single time. User’s Right: Administration allows an admin to have full control on delegation of authority to the various employees so that their domain of operation may be restricted to their own department only. No employee is able to see/edit/modify the information that is not pertinent to his/her role in the organization. This acts as a great management tool and allows authorities to have direct control over the employees’ access to the software and to the School/College/Institute’s information resources in general. Change Password: Multiple user can be use their separate password and also change the password of logging software.